What is Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

What is Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

Cosmetic surgery tourism sounds a bit like science fiction, but it’s reality. Cosmetic surgery tourism is a startling fact as many Americans choose to travel abroad to seek out various cosmetic procedures to save money. But when they choose to leave the US, you have to wonder: what are they really paying for?

The most important thing to know about any cosmetic procedure is the facts. You need to know the facts about your doctor, the facility where the procedure is being held, what your specific surgical procedure entails, the safety and regulatory guidelines within that country, and so on. There are some people who have had a positive experience traveling abroad to receive some surgical treatment, but those individuals seem to be few and far between. Before making any medical decision, it is critical to think about and understand the key facts so you receive the best outcome.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Get to know your doctor: Drs. Sarathy, Strauss, and Oliphant are board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and Kim Smeltzer is a licensed aesthetician and laser technician. Together, they work as a cohesive team and have the combined certifications, skills and knowledge to offer excellent patient care and the best possible result.
  • Research the practice: At Charleston Aesthetics, we work hard to meet the needs of our patients through kind and personalized care.
  • Know your surgical procedure: Before agreeing to any cosmetic procedure, you should understand the steps involved in your procedure, and this includes the appropriate pre- and post-operative care. Our website is a great educational resource to inform you of your procedure, but you will also get critical information directly from our surgeons and the surgical staff.
  • Discover what safety standards are in place: Safety standards differ country to country and actually may not be as strict as those in the United States. At Charleston Aesthetics, we make sure we exceed all standards of care and abide by all US safety regulations.

We understand that cosmetic procedures appear to be pricey, and it’s tempting to save a few extra dollars by seeking treatment outside of the US, but it’s best to stay informed so that you can make the right choice for you when it comes to your health and well-being. Please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss your individual cosmetic concerns with us. We will work together to come up with a specific treatment plan that’s right for you.

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