If I Could Turn Back Time…

Bet ya I just got Cher stuck in your head.. and I must say.. if you are now humming that song– mission accomplished. I’m going to be that annoying person that sings the one and only line in a song that she can remember.. and sings it over, and over, and over..

If I could turn back time..

If I could turn back time..

If I could turn back time..

Oooh baby..

And now, for the rest of your day you will have images of glitter and 80’s dance moves running through your head. You are so welcome.

And as for Cher, well, she might not be able to turn back time.. take back those words that hurt, but I’m here to tell you how you can do what Cher was never able to do. That’s right, we want to help you turn back time. Take back words? Well.. that part is a little more difficult.. but turn back time we can do.

We all know the inevitable and many times undesirable effects of time. We have that moment of clarity when we look in the mirror, and while our mind still says we’re 25, that reflection says something entirely different. You just stare at yourself for a minute.. or five.. or nine.. you lift your eyebrows noticing how the lines in your forehead don’t quite fade away how they used to.. or those little lines around your eyes that people try to excuse away as “evidence that you have lived a happy life”, those crows feet, are deeper than you’ve ever noted before. Or that all those carefree days on the beach aren’t so carefree anymore, whether it be sun damage or even precancerous spots. Gravity has taken over here and there, all those stressful days on the job when you walked around with a scowl and you didn’t even know it, they’re catching up to you and that appearance doesn’t match how feel anymore. You think to yourself, if only I could turn back the clock. Get rid of these signs of age, see the youth I still feel running through my veins.

Well, like I said, you can turn back time when it comes to all those years of aging your body has gone through. COAFS is excited to share with the world (and even Cher if she wants it) that we are now offering a brand new, next generation (or should we say a “bringing back past generation”) procedure which truly works as if you were turning the dial on a clock backwards. The CO2 laser is a resurfacing treatment which works by removing damaged skin layer by layer, ultimately revealing your more youthful skin beneath. The CO2 method not only reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles but also targets scars, uneven pigmentation, precancerous spots, and numerous other skin imperfections you may be experiencing.

So if you are looking in the mirror thinking “Wow Cher, great minds think alike. Wish I could turn back time.” Think again. You can. Reach those stars. Turn back that time. Don’t just feel youthful.. look it! Break out that glitter and those moves, enjoy life inside and out! Contact Charleston Aesthetics today to schedule your CO2 laser consultation and find out just how magical you are!

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