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Hi, my name is Pam and I'm from Charleston and I have been coming to Charleston Aesthetics to work with Kim for several years now. I've had a tremendous amount of trouble with my skin due to sun damage - a lot of keratosis, a lot of basal cells and since I've been coming to see Kim I have not had anything done at all by a dermatologist in at least four years. I'm just so absolutely delighted with the results that I've gotten. Kim's knowledge is absolutely extraordinary about the care of your skin. She studies and attends lots of conferences and seminars and so not only is she a good technician in what she does, but she has tremendous knowledge of the skin and the products that are available, which is really a great help because there's so many things out there for your skin and it's very difficult to make a decision. What Kim has to offer really has had a very positive impact. I'm in a service business. I deal with the public and I feel it's important to look well and it also makes me feel a lot better. I look well, I look rested. From a psychological point of view, it's a great lift.

-Pam, Aesthetic Patient

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